Fast. Powerful. Visual Documentation

Automated Diagram Creation

Put your drawing and diagram software on the shelf with those DOS 5.0 diskettes. Document automatically creates diagrams for network segments using the documentation you create for servers and networking equipment.

Hundreds of Known Applications

The Document Application Library contains information about hundreds of application platforms and versions, including support contact information, specific fields, and underlying infrastructure relationships to save you effort and promote consistency.

Completeness/Accuracy Tracking

Ever been pulled away from your documentation project when chaos strikes? It's practically impossible to remember where you left off when you finally get back to it. Until now. Document helps you track what's complete and accurate and what's not. You will always know what documentation you can trust and what still needs work.

Fast Information Access

Document's menu system makes it easy to jump to exactly the list, diagram, or details you need in a couple clicks.

Deep Enterprise Search

Document's powerful search feature lets you quickly find anything within a company's documentation. From any page, you can search by IP address, application name, a random word in notes, you name it. If you can document it, you can search by it. Our advanced search let's perform the same powerful search across your entire documentation portfolio.

Business Context

IT isn't the whole story. Document provides a simple way for you to document which groups are dependent on which business applications and to what degree. Views for business users plainly show this relationship, and the same information is also highlighted within the technical documentation.

Business Risk Analysis

Document's business context infographics clearly show the potential financial losses from lost productivity due to IT system problems. You can see a summary view of the whole company or for a specific business application. This serves to quickly inform both business and technical decisions with knowledge of what's at stake.
We’ve made documentation simple, quick and painless...    
Document is designed from the ground-up to help IT professionals document IT systems. We help you capture all of the information that you have in your current systems documentation solution, the things you haven't been able to adequately document, and information that may not even have occurred to you as valuable. Document features include all of the following and more.
  • Leverage our research and experience to easily document common solutions
  • Synchronize with ConnectWise
  • Application Architecture diagrams show everything that plays a role in making an application work
  • Network Host Architecture diagrams show back-of-house overviews
  • Quickly see important secondary details on Information Cards
  • Quickly find details of a documented network, Server, Device, or Business Application
  • Document Risks and Notes for anything
  • See business productivity information in technical context
We are determined to continually make Document even easier and more efficient. We are always adding more solution awareness. Feature improvements and additions are all focused on making documentation easier and unleashing the real value of business IT systems documentation. See a list of current applications provided for in the Document Library.